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Graduation Requirements


4 English                       ½ Government              

4 Math                          ½ Economics                

3 Science                      1 Social Studies Elective                            

1 PE or ROTC

1 US History                  1 Computer Science to include Keyboarding

7 Electives

1 additional elective must be in Foreign Language or a Career & Technology Course.


Check your transcripts.  Be sure that all courses are listed and that your name is spelled correctly.  Errors should be reported to Mrs. Smiley in writing immediately.


College Prep Requirements for 4 Year Public Colleges in South Carolina** These are not the graduation requirements but the requirements for admission to college.


4 CP English

4 Math (The 4th Math must be a higher level math such as Pre Calculus or Statistics.)

3 Lab Sciences to include Biology and Chemistry – the 3rd lab science must have Biology or Chemistry as a prerequisite.  Physical Science is not a lab science. 

2 Units of the same Foreign Language

3 Units of Social Science including US History, Economics and Government

1 Unit of Fine Arts

1 Unit of PE or ROTC

1 Unit as an elective such as: Computer Science or an additional English, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Social Science,  Lab Science, or Math above the level of Algebra 2.


Individual colleges may have additional requirements.


Mrs. Smiley’s email address is 






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