We seamlessly blend a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum with the abundant resources of the CSRA.


Interconnected Learning for Grades 9-12

Fox Creek students are primed for a future full of possibilities across government, performing arts, industry, health services, and sports.

Academic Excellence

We offer a variety of challenging courses at levels such as College Prep (CP), Honors and College Board Advanced Placement (AP).

Career Preparation

Our students get a jumpstart in their future careers through Career Education courses in Sports Medicine, Health Science, Core Engineering, and Business.

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Dual Enrollment

Through Piedmont Technical College, our students gain both academic skills and hands-on, real-world experience, while graduating with up to two years of transferable college credits.

Helpful Resources

Academic Calendar

Stay up-to-date on important dates and events.

Course Catalog

Explore the diverse range of educational opportunities we offer.


Navigate your academic journey with personalized guidance and support.

Get Support

Through services such as Tutoring and Saturday School, we provide students with the resources they need to succeed.