Lottery Entry  

The lottery is held each Fall, August-October.

Increase Your Chances At A Spot

Lottery Timeline

September 1, 2023
Lottery Application Opens
October 16, 2023
Lottery Application Closes
October 18, 2023
Lottery Held
October 18, 2023
New Student Registration Opens
November 30, 2023
New Student Registration Closes
December 1, 2023
New Student Registration opens on first come, first serve basis
  1. Follow us on social media – it is the best way to get all the updates on enrollment and events.
  2. When the lottery application opens on September 1, fill it out. This is an interest form and will allow your student to be entered in the lottery process.
  3.  Wait patiently until the lottery is held October 18, 2023 at 10:00 AM in the Fox Creek Gym. You are welcome to attend, but it is not required.
  4.  Mr. Bramhall will email all students who were accepted through the lottery by noon on October 18, 2023. At that time, you must complete the New Student Registration which will be sent through a link in the email from Mr. Bramhall. Registration must be completed by November 30, 2023 to secure your place at Fox Creek. Scan the QR code below for step by step instructions on completing the registration process.
  5. Schedule a time to choose classes. Please use the link included to schedule a time to meet to choose classes. If you know what courses you would like your child to take, please send that to Mrs. Ellis at


Please complete the application. If your student has any interest in attending Fox Creek, they will need to be included in the lottery to be a part of the process.

A student must live in South Carolina and be in good academic standing. In order to attend as a 9th grader, they must have successfully completed 8th grade at their Middle School.

Students who are entering the lottery are given preference if they have a sibling who is currently attending Fox Creek or who graduated from Fox Creek.

Yes! It will be held on October 18 at 10:00am in the Fox Creek Gymnasium. You are welcome to attend, but it is not required.

Any family interested in being a part of the lottery must complete the application between September 1 and October 16. The time or day your application is received does not impact your lottery chances. The lottery is random and done through an online system that is not swayed by the day/time applications were received.

Yes, should there be more applicants than vacant spots, a waitlist will be created. If those selected from the lottery do not complete registration by November 30, then the first person on the waitlist will be contacted and offered the seat.

Please contact Ian Bramhall at Yes, attendance may still be possible, but it is dependent on the number of open spots per grade level. Mr. Bramhall will be the person you need to contact for more information. Should grade level spots be still available, the ‘first come first serve’ registration opens on December 1.


Contact Ian Bramhall at