Academic Support

We’re here to help you succeed.


Our skilled tutors provide personalized academic support, catering to individual learning styles and needs. Here, we ensure each student not only understands their subjects but also develops a lifelong love for learning.

Saturday School

South Carolina State Law allows students a maximum of 10 days of excused and unexcused absences. Fox Creek offers Saturday School to those students who have exceeded these days. Contact the Registrar for more information.

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Child Find Notice

We’re dedicated to ensuring every student’s unique needs are met, offering special education services and support to help them thrive. Contact our school’s Special Education Coordinator to start a referral for evaluation of your student today.


At Fox Creek, we strive to provide a regular school setting to nurture students’ holistic growth. In cases where a student faces health-related challenges hindering their attendance, such as illness, accidents, or pregnancy, our school district is here to provide medical homebound instruction to ensure their academic and social progress.